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is a structured performance based training process offering advanced metal finish training that greatly enhances the skills and attitudes of your metal finisher working on sheet metal, aluminum,  Body in White metal or painted units and will instill into your paint dingman the philosophy that "many damaged, paint surfaces can be easily repaired without breaking the paint".

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Working with Body-in White

Working with painted units

Our School is a mix of classroom teaching with an up-to-date, real world manual that addresses the basic metal finish needs.

The classroom portion focuses on metal characteristics, tools of the trade and basic techniques.  We will help identify personnel with the proper skills and motivation necessary to successfully become leaders for your in-house training programs.  Metal finishing and dinging are skills that require experience, judgment, quality awareness, technique and special tools that allow them to make professional repairs.

When we break out to class for "hands-on" we like to keep the painted unit dingman exercises isolated from the Body-in White training.  However, the dingmen and metal finish training interface with one another allowing hands-on training in both aspects.  These are normally your more experienced people that don't need the basics of Body in White again, I would enlist your most respected dingmen as a training assistant for the hands-on exercise.

Receiving Graduation CertiftcatesAt the conclusion of the training, we present graduation certificates at a very up beat awards ceremony.  You will be amazed at the reaction by your people.  We leave them with a sense of pride in their skills.

I would encourage you to have 20-30 students attend.  A semi-annual or annual training session will allow your metal finisher's to continuously attain high skill levels and keep their moral high.

Our training sessions are performance-based.  At the end of the session, students are tested and graded.  Our Continuing education program monitors their progress, and you will have our reports on their advancing skills and attitudes.  We conducted a training class for the Edison Plant and they responded with a "Zero" claim month for dents and dings.  We also conducted a training school at the Ford Halewood England Plant and they responded by beating the Germans for the first time in plant history.  There is a difference!   We sill improve your quality of work and advance the skills of your metal finisher's to the next level.



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