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Obviously, not all metal defects can be repaired without filing, sanding, or removing the enamel or lacquer coatings on painted metal surfaces. The painted metal surface must be broken when heavy damage to sheet metal occurs ie. Sharp creases, dents and dings with pointed or stretched centers.

Repairing a ding by gently tappingHowever, softer and smaller dents and dings, those with rounded center such as hail damage can often be successfully repaired without paint damage.  The repair operation is basically similar in heavy metal repair, only a lighter touch will be necessary.  Gain access to the damaged areas and locate the center of the dent or ding.  Some dings can be pressed back to their origin with only slight pressure using tools with non-marring or highly polished surfaces.

Dents can be similarly raised in the same manner.  Sometimes small, low pressure, circular movements called "ironing" or Massaging"  can produce excellent results.  Damage to more rigid areas may require the use of an acrylic or polished metal punch. Force can be exerted by hand or by softly tapping with a body hammer.Raising a dent to it's yield point

Most vehicles with factory enamel paint have a slightly rough or "orange peel" effect to its surface.  If the metal defect is severe enough to require marring its painted surface, taking advantage of this condition to hide the repair is highly suggested. By matching tool marks in the orange peel effect, you disguise the repair.  At this point, the painted surface can be "block" or sanded using a blocking stone or sandpaper of not less than 1200 grit.  The painted surface can then be buff polished back to its original luster with time, effort, patience, and practice, results will follow.




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